Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guild Wars 2 at ComicCon 2011

I was lucky in that I had tickets for this year's ComicCon. It was big and crazy and I happily had the opportunity to play the new(er) GuildWars2 demo. I have footage below of two almost-full length demos, a Charr Thief and a Charr Warrior.

Some things to note that are different from the PaxEast demo include the interface, which has a more simplistic (and less painterly) look, the revamped attribute system, and skills are likely changed/refined. (Also, I feel that the map changed a little; haven't bothered to make sure though).

Also, the warrior video shows some of the cool locations you can find while just exploring. There was an underwater tunnel with quaggan guards and skelk (I don't quite get why if there are friendly guards they don't attack the hostile skelk...) and what I presume is a landmark called Melandru's Crook (or something like that). Both videos hopefully consist of a decent amount of fun combat to watch.




Thursday, April 21, 2011

RoboGames 2011

Just a quick little update. I attended RoboGames 2011 last weekend up in San Mateo, CA, where I witnessed the massive destruction of pieces of metal. I have compiled some footage of robots fighting each other, and have uploaded it to Youtube.

What is going on at this blog? Right now, nothing. For Guild Wars 2, it's Charr week. I'd love to enjoy it, but I have issues connecting to any Arenanet-owned websites. So I'll just wait a bit before looking at what happened. One of these days, I'll blog about some really cool new GW2 information, but I have no idea when that will start.

But I took some awesome videos of Guild Wars 2 back at PAX East, so if you haven't seen them yet, look back at my posts and enjoy them. If you have seen them already, well, look back at my posts and enjoy them once more.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic at PAX East

Unlike wine, this blog post isn't going to be any better after having been left to rot for two weeks in a dark cellar. It will merely be a blog post about SWTOR written two weeks after the fact. Included in this post are two cool videos I took, which I hope will be able to educate the uneducated masses about BioWare's forthcoming MMO adaption of its successful single-player RPG.

I'll start with my conclusion: BioWare has combined their Knights of the Old Republic RPG with World of Warcraft to make an MMO that will appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers. I didn't get the chance to play the game, but by watching it, I feel that the game will involve repeatedly killing the same enemy in the same way. The game will undoubtedly be successful, and I may play a trial version of SWTOR when it comes out, but I'm not interested in shelling $60 out to buy the game and then paying a monthly fee just so I can "swing my [lightsaber] and swing it again!"

Looking at the footage below, you'll see the player in a story instance with a group of people. They are marching down a dirt road trying to get to an Imperial base. Along that road, they are continually attacked by the same type of mob over and over again. To me, that's just boring. The players are in that instance to experience the story, yet instead they spend all their time attacking miscellaneous critters not related to the story at all. In addition to attacking the same mob, the style of attack seems pretty static, with the Jedi doing the same moves time and time again even though he has a skill bar full of what should be unique attacks. There are surely people who find this style of combat fun, but I don't want to pay a subscription fee to mash the 1-button on my keyboard for a few hours. To each his own, though.

In addition to watching some regular combat, I also happened to be present when BioWare did a public unveiling of their new space combat system (at which I managed to snatch a pretty cool Jedi hat). Space combat in an MMO seems like a novel idea, and could probably be very fun. However, I felt that SWTOR's space combat was somewhat lacking. It involves moving your mouse across the screen to direct in which direction your ship points, whilst it follows a linear path through a scripted space battle. You press one button to fire your lasers, and another to fire your missiles, and just try to blow stuff up. I feel that you can go to an arcade and pay a couple quarters for the exact same experience.

Where I feel that BioWare's new MMO will excel will be at everything that isn't MMO. The story will undoubtedly be superb - Knights of the Old Republic had a great story, and BioWare isn't the kind of company to let SWTOR's online status cause the sacrifice of a good story. BioWare's game will also be heavily voiced-over, which will be fantastic. I am a big fan of movies where you have to read very little text, and so I'm a big fan of games being made more into interactive movies than interactive novels. If there is a way to play SWTOR without having to pay a subscription fee (NOTE: BioWare hasn't yet announced if there will be such a fee), then I will certainly buy and play it if only for the story. However, I'm not interested in sending out recurring payments for a game that will involve me repeating everything I do to death.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PAX East: Videos Back Up

I had issues uploading my gameplay videos from Boston, but now that I'm back home I've re-uploaded all of them and they have finally finished. All of the Guild Wars 2 footage is located in these posts:

Guardian and Necromancer
More Thief

Additionally, I have this cool picture taken from the Bioshock Infinite booth:

I didn't get to see too much of the new Bioshock game, but I did get an Irrational Games t-shirt (it has some weird dog pulling a cart on the back, don't know what that's about). The first Bioshock game was epic, so I assume this new game, when it releases next year, will be just as grand.

Coming up in a day or so, I have footage taken from Star Wars: The Old Republic that I'll blog about, and I'll probably come up with some list of similarities between it and GW2. And all during that time, I'll be at work on my secret project (hint: DBP). When it's further along, I'll most certainly release some (hopefully) delectable details about it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guild Wars 2 Demo: Post-Mortem and Footage

I was fortunate enough to get 45 minutes in of Guild Wars 2 during PAX East, and have some comments on the demo. I'll start by saying it was great fun, because it was. I am a big fan of the original Guild Wars, and GW2 does a good job as a successor. My thoughts on the demo, as well as some footage of mine and another's demo, follow after the jump.

PAX East: Day 2

Following is a long narrative account on my final day at PAXE. Included are some tidbits on Guild Wars 2, Portal 2, and Gears of War 3. Read on if you dare.

PAX East: Guild Wars 2 Live Demonstration

I finally was able to get this uploaded. It contains the GW2 live demonstration (the later portion) that was performed on Friday. The second part also contains various short clips of other GW2 demos.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ramblings from the Meet & Greet

I spent quite some time at the NCSoft Meet and Greet up here in Boston. It was a great time being able to hang out with other fans and developers. Sadly, by the time I got there all of the demo slots are full, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to try and snag a spot. I spoke with (rather, listened to) Jeff Grubb a few times, and figured I'd share the sorts of tidbits that came up. Not sure how much of it will be interesting, but why not?

  • The natural lifetime of a Norn is roughly 120 years. However, Norn rarely, if ever, live that long; they go from feat to feat, never taking a break, always seeking the next form of excitement. Norn tend to die boasting to a friend, attempting to perform an act they have no hope of completing.
  • If there were to be multiple universes (meaning, if there were a reason to discuss them in the game), the would be based off a form of the multi-verse theory: universes are spawned around major events. In every universe, there would be a Kormir, Abaddon would be a god, and things like that.
  • There was also some talk about the Asura and Sylvari. The Asura were created by Jeff, and they are spawned from his engineering background (he created similar races in other games he worked on). Their design was drawn up by Katy Hargrove, who based the design off many different sources including sharks (the teeth) and Stewie Griffin. Somewhere in Arenanet is an audio file of Maurice LaMarche reading Poe's "The Raven" in the voice of the Brain and as Orson Wells from when he did a voice test for the Asura.
Some more tidbits include how the immensely popular reaction to the Kodan blog post has lead to more blog posts being constructed about other races; I believe the Grawl are the next one to be posted. Overall, it was a fun party to go to, even though I didn't win anything in the raffle. Until tomorrow.

PAX East: GW2 Demo Footage

It took all day, but I've finally been able to upload my demo footage to Youtube. I still haven't had the opportunity to play the demo...maybe one day. I haven't gone over this footage in detail - that's for whomever is reading this to do :P Enjoy the footage, after the break:

PAX East: Day One

So I just came back from my first day at PAX East. Impressions? Lines. There were lines everywhere. I did my best not to stand in them (meaning there were some fun things I haven't done yet) and just explore the expo. It was a busy place. Some impressions are below.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Up and Coming: PAX East

I suppose there is nothing better to inaugurate a gaming blog with than a trip to a gaming convention. I plan to post here, as well as upload footage, of my experience. So what am I hoping to see? Here are a few: