Friday, March 11, 2011

PAX East: Day One

So I just came back from my first day at PAX East. Impressions? Lines. There were lines everywhere. I did my best not to stand in them (meaning there were some fun things I haven't done yet) and just explore the expo. It was a busy place. Some impressions are below.

I arrived just in time to see the later half of the GW2 demonstration. This demonstration showcased the new profession, the Thief. Sadly, it wasn't a surprise because somebody broke an NDA and released the reveal last week. But it was still cool to see the new class first hand. The demo also showcased Lions Arch 250 years after the first game, as well as the main base for the Vigil.

That main base was pretty epic; it was like a mini Divinity's Reach. I would assume the Durmand Priory and the Order of Whispers would have similar bases; the Priory might have a huge library and the Order a secret lair somewhere. I got footage of the demonstration, as well as of the demo, and will post it once it's uploaded.

In addition to Guild Wars 2, I shot some footage of SWTOR. My first impression of the game is that it involves the same attack method over and over and over again. But the graphics looked cool, and the space battles (though slightly basic) seemed fun. Again, I will upload the footage when I get to it.

The coolest thing, from an educational standpoint, was by Republic of Gamers. They are attempting to break records for performance by freezing their graphics cards and CPU with liquid nitrogen. Anything with liquid nitrogen has to be cool. Some footage of that is below: