Sunday, March 13, 2011

PAX East: Videos Back Up

I had issues uploading my gameplay videos from Boston, but now that I'm back home I've re-uploaded all of them and they have finally finished. All of the Guild Wars 2 footage is located in these posts:

Guardian and Necromancer
More Thief

Additionally, I have this cool picture taken from the Bioshock Infinite booth:

I didn't get to see too much of the new Bioshock game, but I did get an Irrational Games t-shirt (it has some weird dog pulling a cart on the back, don't know what that's about). The first Bioshock game was epic, so I assume this new game, when it releases next year, will be just as grand.

Coming up in a day or so, I have footage taken from Star Wars: The Old Republic that I'll blog about, and I'll probably come up with some list of similarities between it and GW2. And all during that time, I'll be at work on my secret project (hint: DBP). When it's further along, I'll most certainly release some (hopefully) delectable details about it.