Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guild Wars 2 at ComicCon 2011

I was lucky in that I had tickets for this year's ComicCon. It was big and crazy and I happily had the opportunity to play the new(er) GuildWars2 demo. I have footage below of two almost-full length demos, a Charr Thief and a Charr Warrior.

Some things to note that are different from the PaxEast demo include the interface, which has a more simplistic (and less painterly) look, the revamped attribute system, and skills are likely changed/refined. (Also, I feel that the map changed a little; haven't bothered to make sure though).

Also, the warrior video shows some of the cool locations you can find while just exploring. There was an underwater tunnel with quaggan guards and skelk (I don't quite get why if there are friendly guards they don't attack the hostile skelk...) and what I presume is a landmark called Melandru's Crook (or something like that). Both videos hopefully consist of a decent amount of fun combat to watch.