Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Launch Party

So Guild Wars 2 comes out in just a few days. I've been looking forward to this game for five years, so it's time to see whether that wait has been worth it. Having played it at conventions and during the beta tests, I am pretty confident that it will be. I mean, there's just so much stuff in it that something's got to be amazing. And knowing ArenaNet, it won't be just one thing.

I've recently gotten into the idea that I would like to start streaming. What better way to start streaming than by streaming the very first hours of Guild Wars 2? And so, in this tiny corner of the internet I proclaim that I will be throwing a Guild Wars 2 Launch Party on my stream.

Starting at on launch night at 8pm Pacific (I hope the game isn't golden by then), I will be streaming all of my old videos of GW2, starting back at PAX East 2011 (not really that old, but still that exciting). And as soon as the game goes live, I'll be hopping in there and (after reserving all my new names) spending a couple of hours exploring Tyria, probably as a Sylvari.

So if you've preordered and are just looking to waste your time on something before the game goes gold, come watch with me; if you won't be playing until Tuesday, then even better reason to come watch.

Friday night. 8 PM. Be there. (My Stream)

So how am I going to play Guild Wars 2? I am going to play to get a bit out of everything. There isn't any one thing I wish to devote my time to. I mean, WvW will be awesome, the personal story will be awesome, the open world will be awesome. The most apprehensive I am is towards structured PvP, as during my time in the Betas I never could get a hang of it. However, I sure would love to try. So I'm going to play Guild Wars 2 the way I eat Chineese food: some of this, some of that, and in the end a whole lotta sweetness.

But there are just so many different ways to play this game. In the end though, all it really comes down to is:

What's Your Story?